Munroes Natural Jamaican Jerk Campaign

Munroes Jamaican jerk a healthy alternative, our marinades go through a fermentation process which gives the marinades an unique taste as well as adding health benefits such as Vitamin B12. Our funding will go towards 1. Manufacturing - Production. 2. Design. 3. Sales, Marketing & Advertising. All the new product development (NDP) work has been done, we are postioning the marinades in to the healthy foods market, the five key health benefits are, 1. Low in Fat. 2. Low in Saturated Fat. 3. Source of Vitamin B12. 4. High in Manganese. 5. Source of Copper. The product has been tested in the market and has received a Great Taste Award 2014 for it authenticity. The funds will help us to take it to the top level. Munroes have two manufactures lined up for complete production. The Munroes brand ethos is all natural, this will be carried through to our labelling and packaging. Our ambition is to market the marinades as a tasty product which is all healthy and good for you.