jerk rolled pork fillet
stuffed with roast red peppers and buttered spinach served on crunchy ciabatta and topped with a cucumber and lime salsa

pork fillets large
red peppers (3/4 peppers per roll)
baby spinach (1/4 bag per roll)
sea salt
cracked black pepper
red peppers
spinach baby leaves
jerk medium

ask the butcher to leave as one whole piece pork fillet butterflied - tenderised, season and marinated over night (24hrs) stuffing.... roast red peppers pealed, spinach cooked in butter and left to cool place marinaded pork on a sheet of cling film and fill with peppers and spinach cover the cling filmed rolled pork with tin foil.

quick cook 180degrees for 1.5hours.
slow cook 120degrees for 4hrs.
(add more marinade for extra flavour).

serve hot or leave to cool and eat cold.


jerk pork chops
served with sweet potato boniato mash

6 pork chops, center cut, two bones (16 oz)
jerk (2 tsp)
teriyaki sauce (1 cup)
sesame oil (.25 cup)
sweet potatoes (1 pound)
boniato (2 pounds)
orange juice (.25 cup)
lemon juice (.5 cup)
raw sugar

in a mixing bowl combine, jerk marinade, teriyaki and sesame oil, whisk together marinate pork chops for 24hrs sear the pork in a pan with butter, then finish in oven at 180degrees and cook approximately 20 minutes cook sweet potato and boniato in boiling water with the rinds from the citrus until tender remove the citrus when sweet potatoes are done. combine sweet potatoes and boniato with the juice, sugar, lemon pepper and mash

puree in batches in a food processor until smooth*.

yield 6 servings.


jerk prawns over tagliatelle
with tomato, fresh tyhme, lemon or lime juice, cucumber, spring onion
and jerk vinaigrette dressing

good-quality italian pasta (1 bag)
fresh prawns, shelled (30)
extra virgin olive oil
cloves of garlic, finely chopped (6)

basil finely chopped
jerk marinade (2 tsp)
a knob of butter
sea salt
cracked black pepper

bring a big pan of water with salt to the boil and add the pasta cook according to the instructions on the packet, making sure it still has some bite meanwhile, heat the olive oil in a pan add the chopped garlic,thyme and basil and stir for a minute or so, then add the jerk marinade and stir again add the prawns and cook another couple of minutes, till the prawns have changed colour remove from the heat drain the pasta, stir in the butter and top with the prawns

serve with a big bowl of salad